Hello! I am Diana Kay, DONA Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainer, ALPP Certified Lactation Counselor, and ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator.
Here’s little of my background. I was a Massage Therapist for 22 years, and often helped pregnant clients with maternal health and well-being. I became more interested in labor and birth when a client asked me to be her birth coach. Little did I know then, it was going to be an adventure! After that amazing experience I began helping friends and family with their labor and birth. Eventually, I gave up my massage practice (due to physical issues) and became immersed in birth work!
When I learned that what I was doing was called being a “doula”, I pursued my trainings with a passion. Starting with Birth Doula 2004, Childbirth Educator 2005, Postpartum Doula 2007, Birth Doula Trainer 2012, and then lastly, Lactation Counselor 2013. I love my work, and love to soak in all the new discoveries in this field through various conferences and webinars!
I became familiar with floating, when Mandy reached out to the doula community in my area; offering a free float to doulas, hoping we would also let clients know about them. Well, I got hooked, signed up for a membership at the first visit, and proceeded to tell everyone I knew about it. I shared with my clients how awesome it was, and how much it would help them! That was in 2017…
Now, recently Mandy Rowe asked if I would be willing to speak on this very topic at a Zoom meeting with the Float “team”. So, I was honored to share the benefits of floating for pregnant clients with all of you! There was a request from some of the attendees that I put it in writing so everyone could benefit. Here are some of the facts I shared with the group:
*Pregnancy causes a shift in the person’s center of gravity, which can affect balance. The tummy grows and the back tends to get a little sway/arch in it. This can cause discomfort. Floating weightless can ease many of the muscle and joint pains.
*Pregnancy releases a plethora of hormones which can have various effects on the mind and body. Mood, anxiety, and stress can be positively helped with the theta waves of floating.
*Stress releases catecholamines “stress hormones”. Studies have shown that THESE hormones can block oxytocin which is the “love/feel good” hormone. It is also the labor hormone that causes contractions for labor. If stress takes over during the actual labor process it can STOP labor by blocking that oxytocin flow. If Mamas can learn to relax during pregnancy, allow oxytocin to be released, that can potentially help them with the labor itself.
*“Relaxin” is a pregnancy hormone that affects the ligaments and tendons by “relaxing/softening” them to accommodate the baby in the pelvis. It helps stretch the intercostals between the ribcage and attachments within the pelvic structure. However, it isn’t exclusive to that region alone! It flows through the whole body, causing the person to feel less stable, and possibly making all joints more susceptible to potential injury.

Pregnant Moms often experience carpal tunnel in the wrists, sore knees, pubic symphysis pain, low back ache, etc. The ability to be weightless is such a plus as it allows the muscles and all the “attachments” to release and rest without strain.
*One Mama in the group mentioned she could not only feel but actually “hear” the baby’s heartbeat while she floated! The quiet of the pod helped her focus on the baby, and she felt a deep connection with her baby. 
*Using pool noodles and the head “halo” are certainly helpful in the float. Some shared additional amazing tools so the Mama’s could float face down and not get their face wet!
*Finally, just feeling that weightlessness can be such a relief from carrying that extra weight of pregnancy!
Thank you for letting me share, and I hope this helps you as you help others!
Birth Blessings,
Diana Kay

Diana Kay Pregnancy Roundtable Highlights


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