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Life throws curveballs. Have you been hit with one or two? Have you woken up feeling like your spark is gone, feeling lost, wondering where the old you has gone? I can relate!. Those curveballs left me feeling lost and empty inside. I was ready for a big change to rediscover myself to allow my light to shine brightly and become who I am meant to be. Is your “future you” ready to shine and become who you were meant to be? Let’s resolve what is holding you back. Together we can rediscover your path and get you set in motion to rediscover yourself, to feel whole and connected.  
Amanda is a certified ThetaHealerTM with many modalities of intuitive healing that allow her to find and release what is holding you back.  Many of these blocks can take away from your general health and wellbeing. Blocks can be identified and removed in as little as one session.  A discovery session helps determine common goals and session paths. 

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