Are you ready to ditch worry and stress and relieve chronic pain so that you feel more confident, abundant, and in control of creating the life you desire?

Life throws a lot of curveballs. Have you been hit with one or two?
When you were a kid, you couldn’t wait to grow up and have control over your own life and dreams. You followed the steps, checked the boxes, played the game.
From the outside, it may look like you have your life together, but inside, you feel far from thriving. 
You’re feeling stressed and worried by all the responsibilities you carry.
You had dreams, a vision of carving your own path, living a fulfilling, purposeful life, but, somewhere along the way, you became so good at putting the needs of others before your own, that you lost sight of yourself.  


During the day, you feel drained of energy, burned out by other people’s demands on your time. You lose your patience easily. 
You lay in bed at night feeling depleted. So much so that you can’t even remember the last time you had a restful sleep. 
You may have even developed chronic pain.
You know that this life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. You know that you are passion-driven and in control of your future. You’ve just been lost for so long, you’re not sure where to begin to find yourself.
That’s all about to change!
Imagine what’s possible when you are transformed into the person you were meant to be!
You wake up each day feeling more love, joy, and confidence!

You know that you get to speak your mind, your truth, and get to be seen and heard! 
You go through your day without feeling limited by physical or emotional pain!
You live life to the fullest each day, making a positive difference in your family, community, and world.

That’s all about to change! It's possible and I can show you how!

Hi! I'm Amanda!

I grew up in a small rural community where everyone thinks they know you and your story. But a lot happens in the shadows.
I seemed to have it all: a loving husband, beautiful kids, a career I loved. I felt like I had the world by the tail. 
And then, in what felt like a blink of an eye, I became utterly lost. My marriage dissolved, my amazing daughters grew up and didn’t need as much of my attention or time, my business became… just too much.
I no longer knew who I was or what I represented. I realized I had spent the better chunk of my adult life feeling like the muddiest of doormats. I didn’t feel in control of my own destiny. I felt lost.


Yet, there was this deep, inner knowing that started to rise up in that moment.
A deep, soul-led understanding that I AM in control. That I (and all of us) are born with a Divine sense of direction, purpose, and aptitude. 

That inner wisdom was awakened and sparked a healing journey that has taught me self-love and gratitude. It created a foundation on which I was able to build confidence and set (and keep) positive boundaries. 
My journey brought me into contact with energy healing modalities that have played a vital role in my path. Combined with my professional background in medicine, crisis counseling and psychology, and graphic design, I became certified in these practices. I incorporate their magic into my work so that I can share them with more people. People just like you.
Life is too precious and short to spend it feeling unfulfilled and stressed! It’s time to break through the chains, grab a microphone, and shout: 


When we work together you’re gonna learn how to identify and clear up issues that have been weighing you down so that you can feel happier, more confident, and more in control of your time, energy, and health!
FREE TO BE ME is your answer to overcoming overwhelming obstacles that have been holding you back from shining your unique light in this world. 
  Sessions are available in-person in Bloomfield, Iowa or virtually worldwide.
FREE TO BE ME is a 90-day program that includes:
  • 9 weekly private healing sessions that will leave you renewed, refreshed, and aligned with your purpose.
  • 3 monthly group Q&A sessions so that you can pick Amanda’s brain on how to sustain long-term success and connect with other like-minded people on a similar journey.
  • Printed journal for your personal use as you track and reflect on your journey.
  • A copy of THE MAGIC, a book by Rhonda Byrne, which supports you in implementing a grounding gratitude practice.
    With FREE TO BE ME, you’ll go from feeling lost, stressed, or stuck to feeling fulfilled, abundant, and on track.

Book your FREE TO BE ME intuitive healing package today!

Not sure if FREE TO BE ME is right for you?  Book a complimentary discovery call to learn how the sessions work and see if it’s a good fit for you!


Here’s what past clients have said about working with Amanda:

Amanda, thank you so much for our session last week.

Wow, it was so much more than what I was expecting. You created a safe and welcoming space for me to listen to my intuition and body, so I could get clear on what was blocking me and move through it.

I especially loved your questions, as they helped me get to the heart of my challenges. I am excited to move into 2023, knowing I am clear of the long-standing things that have prevented me from achieving my dreams.


Alberta, Canada

The results are so quick! I didn’t know it was possible. I feel great.  The tools from Amanda have made my life and work less stressful. Amanda holds space and is patient.
What Amanda does is fantastic, I’ve done lots of different healing modalities over the years. I’ve heard of this before but never understood the impact it could make. I thought it was like everything else. This opened up my reality and shifted my thinking quickly. I had huge things come to like and I’ve been able to close unhealthy doors easily, without the guilt that I usually carry with me. 
Amazing Amanda. You are simply amazing. Thank You for sharing your gift with me!! 💞

Debi Lynn

Florida, USA

I came to the session very doubtful but clinging to some kind of hope.  I have a physical condition that in events of stress exacerbates my pain levels. I have been dealing with stress, mostly centered around work for a very long time.    
Amanda was detailed in explaining the possibilities of this therapy and took me through the process step by step. I felt a little silly at times but by the end had a feeling of complete relaxation.  I wasn’t fired up and angry but yawning and relaxed.
I went home to my usual routine and utilized the tools that Amanda had armed me with. The next day I was faced with the usual stress of work and an extra event that normally would have sent my mind into distress, but at that very moment I realized I was ok. I dealt with the situation for several days with more ease than usual. I am not saying it was a breeze, but it didn’t get to me.
I thought I will wait this out and see if this is real.  My sleeping definitely improved for several nights and as we all know sleep is essential for the mind and body. 

Tara F. 

Missouri, USA

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