The time to heal post concussion is so precious. The Floatation Pod offers a perfect environment to facilitate healing. 
As awareness of the need for treatment increases, INa+Pod, LLC offers a three float "Post Concussion" package to any local student/teacher/coach/staff. Three 90 minute floats for $87.99. First float is free. Continuation of services will remain at $44.00/float. Please share this amazing opportunity for our communities to seek local services for healing options. Many online resources document the vast healing aspects of Floatation Therapy; check it out!

"The main benefit from floating has to do with removing stimuli, including light, sound, and gravity. Float therapy puts the user in a state of deep relaxation and the brain is able to connect with other parts the brain, to clean out waste and inflamnation, to rid unwanted nerve connections and a host of other restorative processes that happen as a result of mirroring stages of sleep and deep relaxation. The float tank helps heal concussions because it helps the brain to reset, unlike during normal waking daily activities. Letting the brain reset and recharge sets the stage for healing." 

Floatation therapy is a gentle and effective treatment that can help heal concussions and other wartime injuries. The healing benefits of floatation therapy are a natural consequence of the deep relaxation that floating promotes. Floaters bodies befome weightless, removing all unnecessary pain and stress. Blood pressure lowers, circulation improves, and stress hormones like cortisol are eliminated from the body, When circulation improves, so docs the body's healing capacity.

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