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Imagine where your mind could go...

How healing would come if you could completely quiet your body. At INa+Pod, you’re treated to an amazing weightless experience.

Learn how to relax...


In water temperatures that match your skin temperature, you float, suspended in a bath of Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate-a mineral of which nearly every person on the planet is deficient.

As you float you absorb and increase magnesium and sulfate levels, calming your nervous system and enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal. Aches, pains and stress fade away. Vitality is renewed. You emerge like a new person.

Float Services to help you lead a happier and healthier life.
Amanda's Intuitive Healing

Are you ready for a transformation? Are you where you want to be in life? When we work together, I support you as you transform, noticing incredible changes, feeling miracles. Living a life of joy, happiness, harmony, health and love. Live your self-determined life - not just pleasing everyone else. 

Amethyst Biomat

The Richway Amethyst Biomat® uses infrared therapy to provide an overall rejuvenating effect as it soothes frayed nerves and knotted muscles.


The time to heal post concussioniss oprecious.The Floatation Pod offers a perfect environment to facilitate healing. 


The time to heal post concussion is so precious. The Floatation Pod offers a perfect environment to facilitate healing.  


Pregnancy releases a plethora of hormones which can have various effects on the mind and body. Mood, anxiety, and stress can be positively helped with the theta waves of floating.

Energy Scan

Unlock your full potential and experience optimal well-being with our Diagnostic Energy Scan. Our scan is designed to identify and address energetic blocks that may be hindering your vitality and success.

Color Therapy

With these glasses, you can choose a color on which to focus attention. Often, a difference in feeling becomes evident shortly after putting on the glasses.


Muse helps make meditation easy, tangible, and enjoyable to learn by offering a simple and accessible 'work out plan' for your meditation practice, with incredible insights into your inner world.

Healy Device

The Healy Comes In Various Editions Designed to Harmonize Your Bioenergetic Field

Lost in Your Life's Journey?

Embrace this journey with me, and together, we'll uncover the healing secrets that will reshape your life & bring you lasting fulfillment.


The Power of

Experience a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth.

About Amanda Johnson

For over 30 years, Amanda has worked in human services, emergency and office medicine, graphic design, promotional marketing, and as a wellness solopreneur. She has just as many years volunteering with the American Red Cross, Hospice, 4-H, County Council, Child Abuse Prevention board, Master Gardener, multiple dance studios, music boosters and other school-related needs. As a busy mother of two, Amanda has shown compassion in all that she does. Helping others to explore, learn, and achieve their highest goals. 
Currently, Amanda is an intuitive healer with 5 certifications in ThetaHealing and owner of southeast Iowa’s was only wellness flotation spa, INa+Pod. She is also known for her crochet work and turning heads with her classic car

Floatation Testimonials

"Here is my heart to your heart=Coral is many different colors for various reasons. Truly their color depends on the oxygen and kind of light they receive. The more oxygen there is the brighter the colors. Stripped down to their barest, they have a plain ole’white skeleton. My 10 year old taught me this. It reminded me of your healing space. The parts where you reached deep, like some of the saltiest deepest parts of the ocean. (Inapod) Not only did you bring a twinkle or two back into your own life but others as well. Thank you for being a part of my “Colorful” journey as well. It’s been so beautiful to arrive at a place where Joy is felt and grief is appreciated. We snag up all the opportunities to grow as we can." ~ Kim M.

"I had my first experience with a session The other day. I experienced nothing like it prior. I never felt so calm and relaxed at this level before. With no outside stimuli bombarding me I could feel one with myself. I eventually fell into  an alpha stage of sleep. My thoughts seemed seamless and peaceful.  I am going back again 1 day before I return home to California.  I would recommend this to anyone that is bogged down with stress, problems, or depression." ~ M Ski

"Very kind and knowledgeable staff! Definitely just what I needed, will be back!" ~ Luke K

"I felt very at ease and everything was explained to me. My hubby bought me a session thinking I wouldn't do it, but I actually enjoyed it. I will be back and I am recommending it to others." ~Tammy K

"I love floating. It's the best way to reduce stress and relieve joint pain" ~ Veronica G

"Amazing! Kindest people I think I have ever met. " ~ AmaryMK

Intuitive Practitioner Testimonials

"Amanda is a gifted Healer with a kind heart. She is very easy to connect with. Her intuition is beyond words. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing Holistic Healing." ~ E Richardson

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